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Development Diary: New Maps, Features and Improvements

Hello, survivors! We would like to present to you our last two weeks' progress, and share with you our improvements and new features in the game. Now the enemies will attack the city more often. Every few days, the enemy will come to sweep the base and you need to defend against the attack.

Added function, where some civilians can join through the event. Some of them will come to the base at a specific time, which will help to expand the team.

• Improved the function of rescuing prisoners, and the chance that they will join, after rescuing. Increased the chance of merchant visits. Villagers or wandering merchants near the base, may visit the base from time to time, see what they can purpose. Added a Battle Map - The Construction Site. The abandoned construction site, which contains a lot of building materials. But also, be careful, enemies may hide in the shadow...

Added a Battle Map - The Military Base, stationed with the Uman Forces and huge amount of resources.

Optimized the AI behavior of companions. Companions will consume items automatically when they are injured, hungry, tired, or bleeding.

Optimized UI performance and unified UI icon and buttons for each system.

Added 2 new fortifications. Though these constructions might look a little weak, the protection is good. You need to use whatever you have to defend yourself.

We would like to know your opinion about the changes ;) And let's stay in touch, so you don't miss any news!

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24 de set. de 2022

Game is dead, or not?

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