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Development Diary: Gun accessories, NPC, event systems and more!

Hello survivors! For the last 2 weeks, our development team has been putting much more pieces together for Her War. We are absolutely thrilled to see our vision getting closer and closer to fruition.

Development updates from the past 2 weeks: Added new dialogue system with NPCs Players can learn about the NPCs’ background and personal preferences, which helps taking care of them better. Added new maps content of markets and logging camps Players can scavenge food at the markets, but be careful, enemies will show up there as well.

Improved NPCs’ buff status and characteristics   Different personalities and habits will be morale factors.

Added new scopes, flash hiders, suppressors and stocks for firearms The accessories can effectively enhance combat.

Added window fixing in the base Fixing the windows helps increase temperature in the base to reduce chance of illness.

Added camera rotation during base renovating

Added event system More dynamic gameplay will be introduced in the future. Added trading system Trading with merchants for more powerful weapons, or medicines. Click HERE to add this game to your wishlist!

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