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You are pulled into the dystopian state of Cherniv, where totalitarian terrorist group, Uman Brotherhood, prevails with the blood of countless soldiers and civilians in their hands. Manifesting dehumanization, they enslaves young female Chernivians, conducting indescribable violations against human rights. And in this eye of the storm, the retributive legend of our main character begins...



In this HARDCORE military survival and FPS game, control Victoria the fugitive of the slavery camp. You will carry the thin line of hope, and survive from hazardous living condition and terrorists’ hunting. As most good men of Cherniv have fallen, you need to find and unite the female survivors of your country. Eat the sorrow, drink the pain, fight to live another day! Build a resistance force to eventually take down the barbaric Uman Brotherhood. Victory or death, this is HER WAR.




Survive the dystopia is no joke
Right after escaping, All you have is an obsolete shelter, a pistol and a piece of bread. Driven by survival instinct, you need to scavenge for any essential materials to prevent getting struck down by hunger, cold, and illness. Craft essential tools for sustainable livelihood. And never let your guard down. The terrorists’ sieges will bring the challenge to the next level.

Dynamic NPC personas challenge your leadership
A lone wolf doesn’t win a war here in Cherniv. After completing rescue missions and randomized events, recruit other girls to fight beside you. Be the heart and soul of your squad by taking care of each companion’s emotions and well-being. With the game’s dynamic Interactive system, bring tenderness, love and care to the more sensitive ones, and give cigarettes to the smokers to boost their morale. Assign tasks according to their talents to maximize your chance to survive. Handling a sniper rifle to the most calm-minded. Having the skinniest girl chop woods won’t let her shine.

Confront moral dilemmas, make the toughest decisions
Enjoy the game’s sophisticated simulation of making ethical decisions along the journey. Would you banish a less-talented girl to save her ration for those who contributes more? When sick villagers beg you for antibiotics, would you refuse so you can save the pills for your teammates? Sometimes breaking your moral principles is inevitable, although your companions’ morale could take a hit.  Choose the weight you wish to carry in your heart, and move on.

All-around sensation from a brutal war
The shooting in the game is just as challenging and lethal as in the real world. Each weapon has its unique recoil and trajectory. One bullet could waste a terrorist, or waste a teammate. Usually outnumbered, learn how to ambush, encircle, sudden strike and how to run. The wounded can hardly rejoin the fight, unless she gets a blood transfusion from another girl. Prioritize fortifying your base and building a workshop to craft weapons and ammo, since Uman Brotherhood will storm you relentlessly.

Stay resilient, write your own history
The non-linear story-line opens up many paths for you to ultimately take down all Uman Brotherhood’s strongholds. Randomly generated events will keep your refreshed with new, exciting challenges. Even if you are beaten, don’t give up! A true hero is always patient and persistent. Embrace the setback, enjoy the little gains, and keep writing your own history!


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